An original illustrated calendar for children and adults

30 Sep
30 September, 2014

Tatsuya Tanaka is a Japanese artist who had created a daily amazing photographs during four years that is call the “Miniature Calendar”

Do not miss these original photographs

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18 Sep
18 September, 2014

Welcome to the most unique baby names post, prepared yourself fot the least babies used names because they are located in the lower part of the top 100. Whether you are looking for an original name for a boy or girl, you will find inspiration from 3 different countries like United States of America, United Kingdom and Wales and Australia to find the perfect name for your future child.

The most unique 60 names for boys and girls

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7 Ideas for photographing Kids 7

16 Sep
16 September, 2014

Do you want to make different kids and babies photos? Don’t worry, today we bring you all the inspiration you need to turn your children’s album into a masterpiece of child photography.
So prepare your camera and let’s play, because the child photography should always be a game and not an obligation.

Do amazing children photographs

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Best worldwide babies and children’s virals

11 Sep
11 September, 2014

Internet is a great showcase to see the daily life of people around the planet. There is always some cute children or babies videos who are going viral, getting all the attention of millions of people. So today we bring you the latest videos that are on everyone’s lips and some classics who are great to remember. Get ready for a fun time.

See the latest babies viral videos at internet

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Back to school with new socks

09 Sep
9 September, 2014

Now that the kids have to go back to school, it’s time to renew part of their wardrobe, and of course today we focus on the socks. These fun clothes which are always separated at home and ultimately serve the artists and DIY enthusiasts to do all kinds of crafts and art as we bring you today.

Discover what you can do with socks

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How to choose unusual gifts for children and adults

04 Sep
4 September, 2014

When you have to make an original gift to a child or an adult, remember to be very original for you to be remember, today we give you some tips and a lot of ideas where originality and fun are the protagonists.

Discover the most original gifts

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What’s wrong with princesses? Bella

02 Sep
2 September, 2014

Get ready, because today we bring you a different view of Princess Bella, seen through the eyes of artists, designers and creators who have been swayed by the Disney princess. Princesses are making us dream even though we know they are rebellious by nature.

Discover other facets of Princess Bella, more warlike, modern, trendy, current, original and unexpected

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Girls interview bands

28 Aug
28 August, 2014

Olivia and Connie, friends since early childhood, are two girls incredibly lucky because they interview musicians, hundreds of them, which sit with them to answer their innocent questions.

Know more about these two young journalists

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A very original hotel for traveling with kids

26 Aug
26 August, 2014

Legoland hotel, a place where parents can spend the summer with children with all the peace of mind that there will be no room for boredom. A fun hotel to play all day in a colorful decorated ideal for children to develop their creativity.

Discover an original hotel to play with children

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Understanding Japan. Children and advertising

21 Aug
21 August, 2014

Our article today want to focus a little closer the ancient Japanese culture from the child’s perspective. A culture full of tradition and modernity that is reflected in television commercials and children videos.

Have fun with this Japanese children ads.

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7 Ideas for photographing Kids 6

19 Aug
19 August, 2014

Today August 19 is World Day Photo, we commemorate the purchase by the French state, The Daguerre invention for use and enjoyment of mankind (this wonder only for a pension of 6000 francs per year)
Just so today we bring you more original ideas for photographing children and babies. A collection of articles that we serve you authentic inspiration to turn your family photo album into a masterpiece of photography.

7 inspiring ideas to make children photographs

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Flying home identified

14 Aug
14 August, 2014

It’s been five years since the release of the wonderful children movie UP, chronicling the adventures of Carl Frederiksen when he decides to engage thousands of balloons to his house in the city and fly away to South America. After realizing touched fiction. National Geographic has made us to believe, that reality and fiction are sometimes the same.

Don’t miss the flying house

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