Action Dolls for Girls

10 Jul
10 July, 2014

Each day equality between boys and girls is more evident, especially in toys: dolls for girls stop basing their interests in their impossible proportions (close to anorexia) and begin to look a didactic way to be able to contribute to educational values when girls play.
Discover more about the action dolls for girls

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The best ideas for traveling with kids on vacation

08 Jul
8 July, 2014

Today comes the day of going on holiday with your children and some of the questions new parents ask theirselves are: What are the essentials to carry on luggage? What do children really need? How to handle everything to fit in the trunk or on the plane? We have some suggestions to answear those questions here in our Kings of the Blog, where we always have the best ideas for you to enjoy the holidays with your children.
Surprise yourself with the best ideas to pack and travel happy on this holiday

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5 Essential tips: vacation with kids

01 Jul
1 July, 2014

We love summer because we can fully exploit our imagination and give you the best tips for an unforgettable vacation time. Now we have for you essential tips that will help you to ensure a wonderful vacation with your children.
Learn the essentials for vacations with children

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Unusual gifts for children and adults

30 Jun
30 June, 2014

You know that a original gifts always wins . No matter you have to make a present to children or adults, the cool factor : originality always leave you breathless.
Today we want to amaze you with the most unique gifts in the world , no matter if they are for a baby , a vegetarian or a company director. Sure you will find good gift ideas .

Be prepared to give original things and look like a king or queen.

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Original ideas: vacation activities with children

26 Jun
26 June, 2014

Summer has come and that means vacation time. In the Kingdom we know that means too that children will have a lot of free time and you will have very little time to figure out what to do with them to have fun, but you don’t have to worry because we will give you the best recommendations on activities to do with your children.
Learn the secret of the best activities for your kids on vacation time

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Toys made from recycled cardboard

25 Jun
25 June, 2014

Discover easy crafting ideas to recycle cardboard and create amazing toys for children. Be ready for a fun activity to do with kids: recycling cardboard crafts and create amazing and original toys.
Take the scissors and glue and get ready because you are going to get a wild desire to recycle cardboard when you see the examples that we bring you today , divided in 3 thematic sections :

Juguetes hechos de cartón reciclado

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Original gifts to announce the new baby comming

17 Jun
17 June, 2014

One of the most exciting and important news you can give a child is that the family will grow. For parents a new baby is a challenge, but for children it is an huge event, in the Kingdom we want you to relax by taking original ideas on how to break the news about the new baby.
Have fun with the original ways to tell you are pregnat again

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How to recycle cardboard into art 2

16 Jun
16 June, 2014

If you have downloaded our free PDF of 101 things to do with kids, I’m sure you’ve been keeping all types of cardboard to emulate the wonders we teach you in the first article of the art of recycling cardboard. Today we are going to show you amazing cardboard wonders.
Bring scissors, invite the children in the house, and get ready to create art with your own hands.

Aprende cómo reciclar cartón de forma brillante

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Essential tips to enjoy the sun with your kids

12 Jun
12 June, 2014

If sun and beach are your destination for going on vacation you will be interested in the Kingdom because we have for you essential tips for caring your children.
Enjoy your vacations with your children and the sun in a healthy way

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A photographic adventure to Island by a very original dad

11 Jun
11 June, 2014

In the Kingdom we are thrilled to discover that great photography artists are also parents and really enjoy sharing the world through amazing images to their kids and to all of us. That is why in our Original Travel Agency we will take you to Iceland through the eyes of Andy Lee, who has two daughters whom he adores.
Let’s travel to Iceland through the original lens of Andy Lee

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Step by step: Vinyl hanger birds

10 Jun
10 June, 2014

Today we tell you how to install the funny children’s vinyls from the Kings of the House: The birds who bring originality to kids bedrooms. Two birds decals that are much more than decoration: useful racks that will amaze everyone and of course, will delight the kings of the house.

Discover all the secrets of this fun children’s vinyl

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Original name for a boy: Thiago

09 Jun
9 June, 2014

Each month at The Kings of the Blog want you to have the best tips to make a wonderful time nursing your children and that is why we are comming with original names. Today we bring to you interesting facts about the boy’s name: Thiago.
Thiago: learn all about the original name and decide if it is the one for your baby

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