Understanding Japan. Children and advertising

21 Aug
21 August, 2014

Our article today want to focus a little closer the ancient Japanese culture from the child’s perspective. A culture full of tradition and modernity that is reflected in television commercials and children videos.

Have fun with this Japanese children ads.

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7 Ideas for photographing Kids 6

19 Aug
19 August, 2014

Today August 19 is World Day Photo, we commemorate the purchase by the French state, The Daguerre invention for use and enjoyment of mankind (this wonder only for a pension of 6000 francs per year)
Just so today we bring you more original ideas for photographing children and babies. A collection of articles that we serve you authentic inspiration to turn your family photo album into a masterpiece of photography.

7 inspiring ideas to make children photographs

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Flying home identified

14 Aug
14 August, 2014

It’s been five years since the release of the wonderful children movie UP, chronicling the adventures of Carl Frederiksen when he decides to engage thousands of balloons to his house in the city and fly away to South America. After realizing touched fiction. National Geographic has made us to believe, that reality and fiction are sometimes the same.

Don’t miss the flying house

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Original baby mobiles

12 Aug
12 August, 2014

Today we bring you many examples of original mobile for babies that rub in many cases be considered works of art in the children’s design. Get ready to discover some of the most original and colorful mobile planet.

Ideas incredible children mobile

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Lights, Camera, Action: Dad’s Filming 12

07 Aug
7 August, 2014

Today we bring you two different parents who turn their children’s drawings into works of art. Learn how the most original children’s drawings are converted into 3D creations or stuffed animals in a full burst of creativity.

Dibujos de niños hechos realidad

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Make an original picnic at the beach

05 Aug
5 August, 2014

Since we are in the middle of summer, we suggest you have a picnic on the beach with your kids. A fun way to eat, snack or dinner on the beach with a very special soundtrack, the waves of the sea. Check out our first post about original spots to do a picnic (no fear, opens in new window)

Ideal places for a picnic with children

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Original name for a girl: Loredana

31 Jul
31 July, 2014

Before ending the month we want to share with you another of the acclaimed Kingdom’s original suggestions: Original Girl Names. This time we took advantage of the holiday to visit Italian names and got to introduce the name: Loredana.
Explore the features of Loredana’s name for your baby

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Lights, Camera, Action: Dad’s Filming 10

29 Jul
29 July, 2014

Get ready for the most original children photographs made by an amateur photographer (But a lovely father) with a lot of grace and some help from digital retouching (Photoshop)
John Wilhelm used his children to create hilarious and original situations, that internet empower every day:

Conoce el trabajo de este padre fotógrafo

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Women and Pregnancy: original photography guide 2

24 Jul
24 July, 2014

Pregnancy is a stage that does not go unnoticed in a woman’s body, and so photographers can not miss this wonderful opportunity to get unforgettable images.
So after our first article of original pregnancy that you can see here, we bring many more original ideas for photographing pregnancies.

Ideas para hacer fotos a mujeres embarazadas

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Original beds and sleep tips for children

22 Jul
22 July, 2014

In the holiday season it is common for children to lose their habits regarding food, play and rest, that’s why now we bring to you helpful tips for getting your kids to sleep and also amazing ideas on how to make a great mix with an original pijama: original beds.
The best ideas for children to sleep happy on holiday

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Original pools and essential security measures for children

17 Jul
17 July, 2014

The holiday season is the perfect time to do activities with the kids and what better time if they involve a dip, now we travel for the most original pools in the world and also share vital safety tips to enjoy the holiday in the pool.
Meet the most original pools in the world

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Man on the moon

16 Jul
16 July, 2014

Today, 45 years ago, the man went to the moon on Apollo 11. The trip took 4 days of travel, until they could land on the moon and change history forever. 

Celebrate with us the first trip to the moon

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