A 3D pencil for drawing sculptures

18 Apr
18 April, 2013

In the history that we all know, pens allow us to draw in two dimensions, and depending on style and the ability of the artist holding it, the 3D visual effect is different. But technology has advanced and the dream of every child artist has come true: a pencil whose drawings come to life.

The 3Doodler is the first pen that writes in three dimensions and doesn’t need a computer to do so, it only needs refills of a special plastic so that creativity never stops flowing.
Artistic creations made with an incredible 3D pen.Check out the video and be surprised with the possibilities that children in the future will have to draw:

The mechanism is relatively simple; the pen heats the plastic and then comes out the other end and solidifies quickly, forming a solid structure capable of holding its own weight.
3 dimension pencil not apt for children (for the time being, but it will be in a nearby future).

It will probably be the perfect gifts for kids in a nearby future; a revolution in the way of understanding art, in creating concepts, for artistic use or professional use. This pencil has been created by Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue, co-founders of WobbleWorks, who had a successful run on Kickstarter and now hope to sell pencils to everyone.
The creators of this revolutionary invention are a couple of grown up children with plenty of imagination.


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