Activity 65: Building toys out of clothes pegs

08 Jan
8 January, 2013

At The Kings of the House, we never stop encouraging you to help develop the imagination of the little ones. Today we’re going to give you some clues with a common household object that we always have lying around, but that tends to go unnoticed: clothes pegs. Not just for hanging the laundry, they’re useful for a thousand other things.

As we mentioned in our free eBook 101 activities to do with your child (which you should have downloaded already, but if you haven’t, make sure you download the free eBook 101 Activities, it’s free and packed full of ideas):

Clothes pegs are one of the most simple and creative building materials in the world.
Toys made with pegs: planes, airplanes, amazing wooden toys that you can easily make at home Separate the two halves of the peg and save the metal spring for later on (you never know when it may come in handy). Use glue to join the two wooden pieces together.

Together you can create animals, planes or anything your imagination can come up with.
Tell stories with these theatric pegs that when open, tell many stories We advise you to start with simple objects like a castaway raft or a sled, and you’ll see how they gradually get more complicated and more interesting.

For example, these pegs also tell plenty of stories.
Coloured fish made out of pegs, that will become the favourite toys of the house. Discover more in 101 activities to do with your kids.
The shark and the chameleon made out of pegs. 2 fun toys. Discover more ideas in our eBook 101 activities to do with your children When you’ve perfected the technique, you may want to do like the artist Robert Bradford and complicate it a little more… but we leave that choice up to you.
Dog made out of recycled materials, and of course, pegs.


Cover Image: Clothes-peg – ammai2010
Airplane © Jay Wilde –
Hero Plane –
Blue Fish y Green Fish © Molas & Co -Flickr
Egg y Gift © Molas & Co -Flickr
Shark y Chameleon © Molas & Co -Flickr
Dog © Robert Bradford

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