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03 May
3 May, 2013

Are you choosing a baby name for your son? If you like the name David, and you want some amazing movie characters with this name, don’t miss this article. The silver screen marks our life in a very special way, so today we’re going to go over some movie names to inspire your search for a baby name.
With our baby name articles, you’ll find all the inspiration you need straight from the movies. Of course, they are brief yet intense examples, and there are plenty more, so if you enjoyed the article let us know, because we may just have to release a second part.

Get your popcorn ready cause the movie names are about to start!

David (A.I. Artificial Intelligence)If you’re looking for a boy name for your baby, this is a given. David is a name that’s always in the top 100 baby names, and though it changes depending on the year and the country, it always tends to be stable due to its powerful historic roots. A baby name with attitude, that in the movies has always given place to some unforgettable characters.
For our first David we have chosen a robot (not the only one on this list, but the only boy robot). In a near future, men and robots live life closely, and only one thing separates them: emotion. So when a robot like David is programmed to love, everything will change radically.

Dave Kovic (Dave)Dave, diminutive of David, a very original option for a baby boy name. Next we visit a comedy, where we meet our charismatic Dave, a normal person who has an enormous likeness to the president of the United States. When the latter suffers from illness, his advisors decide that Dave should step in temporarily. A ridiculous plot with plenty of laughter.

David Mills (Seven)David Mills, a cop working on a tough case. David Mills is an impulsive homicide detective, about to replace lieutenant Somerset, a veteran focussed on his retirement. Both characters will work together on a mysterious case related to the 7 deadly sins. A very dark and sinister story.

David (Prometheus)If you’re in the process of looking for a name for your baby, you’re in the right places. Because at The Kings of the House we don’t only want to help you with gifts, we also want to inspire you with amazing names from the world of film. Our second robot on the list. This movie is pretty recent, but it’s already become a science fiction classic about a group of scientists that visit a far off planet to find the origin of existence. During the voyage, David will drive the ship and will be in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan.

David Dobel (Anything Else)David is a name that can handle all kind of comedic situations; if you have any doubt, you’ll have to go to New York to meet this unique David.Our next stop is New York, where we find a comedy with David Dobel as the main character, an artist who tries to help his protégée triumph if he follows his advice. But everything goes pear shaped when Love appears on stage.

David Rice (Jumper)David is a very dynamic name, like our protagonist from Jumper. David Rice is a lucky young man who has the power to teletransport himself to anywhere in the world. With the use of this power, he makes his fortune grow, but a secret organization will try and stop him. Action and adventure in a movie that goes from one part of the world to the other in a matter of seconds.

David Addison (Moonlighting)David Addison, a fun and sarcastic example of David. Even in comedies you’ll find that this name is perfect for babies and kids of all shapes and sizes.The last David on the list is a very special character. David Addison is a very fun, cheeky and mischievous private detective that works for Maddie, his boss. Love will appear amongst the two, with lots of humour and action, in the light of the moon.

We hope that all these Davids have brought you back some nice memories. Whilst we prepare our next article, you can check out some of our other movie names:

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All the characters named in this article are fictional characters based in the cinema, whose © belongs to one or several authors and their corresponding production companies.
This article is written in an informative way respecting all the author rights.

David (A.I. Artificial Intelligence) – © Warner Bros. Pictures / Dreamworks Pictures / Amblin Entertainment / Stanley Kubrick Production 
Dave Kovic (Dave) – © Warner Bros Pictures / Northern Lights Entertainment 
David Mills (Seven) – © New Line Cinema / Arnold Kopelson Production 
David (Prometheus) – © 20th Century Fox / Scott Free Productions / Dune Entertainment
David Dovel (Anything Else) – © Dreamworks Pictures / Gravier Productions 
David Rice (Jumper) – © 20th Century Fox / New Regency Pictures / Dune Entertainment 
David Addison (Moonlighting) – © ABC Circle Films, Picturemaker Productions

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