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07 Jun
7 June, 2013

When it comes to choosing names for babies, many people look for a bit of originality to make a difference and at the same time, keep the family spirit. How can we achieve this? Nobody knows, so don’t let anybody make the decision for you. After looking for baby names, make a list with your preferences and discuss it with the only other person who has a say: your partner. It’s simple.

And as we like to be a little different at the Kingdom, today we’re back with an original baby name of Latin origin: Marcus. It comes from the god of war Mars, or the word Martello which expresses virility. From the Kingdom we want to inspire you with a little help from the world of film. We present to you 6 unforgettable Marcus, Mark, Marc, Markkus, Marco, Marcos, etc… now it’s your turn to make a choice. Enjoy the journey!

Dr. Marcus Brody (Indiana Jones)
Detective Marcus Brody, Indiana Jones’ partner and director of the university. A perfect name for a future scientist.Marcus is Indiana Jones’ ally, and director of Marshall University, where Indy gives archaeology lessons. But let’s watch the video in which Indiana Jones talks about Marcus’ special qualities:

Marcus Voltouri (Twilight Saga: New Moon & Breaking Dawn)
A nice boys name is Marcus, but in this case he’s a vampire. The name is still nice.And from University Professor we move on to a Vampire leader of an important Italian family from the Twilight saga. He’s one of the oldest vampires with more than 5000 years old, whose power resides in detecting loyalty by just looking at people. The boy name Marcus can be found in many different types of characters.

Marcus Burnett (Bad Boys)
Choose an original baby name like Marcus, a name with history and a lot of class for a boy.Detective Marcus Burnett works at Miami’s narcotics department with his relentless partner Mike Lowrey. Marcus is the dad of a numerous family that lives thanks to his wage. The 2 agents form a unique team that solves cases on many occasions thanks to their second best weapon: irony.

Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
Marcus is a very powerful name for a boy, like Marcus Fenix, soldier in one of the best videogame sagas in history.Marcus Fenix is a loyal soldier that only knows the battlefield. After attempting to save his father from locust, he’s sentenced to 40 years for cowardice and failing in the line of duty, but one day his partner Dominc rescues him from prison to lead the Delta squadron. Doing what he does best, he’ll reach the end of the war as an indisputable hero.

Marcus Vinicius (Quo Vadis)
If you’re looking for a name for your son, maybe Marcus will work, the name of the god Mars.Marcus is a roman patrician who falls in love with Lygia, Christian and hostage to a roman family in 64 AD, during the reign of Nero. Marcus won’t only have to hide his love, but also fight for it as they will be continually persecuted.
Mark zuckerberg (The Social Network)
Mark, diminutive of Marcus, an original baby name.Mark is a Harvar student who is very good at programming. One night in the autumn of 2003, he will begin what would end up becoming the most important social network in the world, and would turn him into the youngest billionaire in history.

Whilst we continue our search for original baby names inspired by the movies, here are a few more names:

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All the characters named in this article are fictional characters based in the cinema, whose © belongs to one or several authors and their corresponding production companies.
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Marcus (Twilight Saga: New Moon & Breaking Dawn) – © Summit Entertainment / Imprint Entertainment / Troy Rodriguez Productions
Marcus Burnett (Bad boys) – © Columbia Pictures. Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Marcus Fenix (Gears of war) – © New Line Cinema / Epic Games
Marcus Vinicius Quo Vadis – © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Mark Zuckerberg – © Sony Pictures / Michael De Luca Productions / Scott Rudin Productions / Trigger Street Productions

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