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28 Feb
28 February, 2013

There comes a time when we need to make a decision and choose an interesting name for our kids. But, what name is original enough, curious and known, but not too used? The truth is, that to help you in your task, we bring you 6 movie Samuels, just to inspire you, as the decision will need a lot of thinking on your half.

In our baby name articles, you’ll find a little source of inspiration from the movies and their films. We hope you find it useful, or at least be entertained for a while.

Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon)
Samuel and its diminutive Sam, is a very interesting boys name and a movie classic. If you’re thinking of Samuel as a boy’s name for your baby, you’ll love this post. Our tough and chivalrous private detective, Sam Spade, is a man without a past, who knows how to do his job without asking many questions, though this time he’ll have to go the extra mile to solve the mystery.

Sam Wheat (Ghost)
Sam, a movie name etched in our memory forever, which is why if you decide to call your baby Samuel, you’ll find plenty of examples in this articles. One of the most beloved love stories from the silver screen. A movie about Sam Wheat, who accepts his new condition and saves Molly through the hilarious Oda Mae Brown.

Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Casino)
The baby name Samuel works even for the director of a casino like Sam Ace Sam Rothstein is good at doing business, controlling the money and directing a Las Vegas casino, even if to do so he needs to resort to all types of methods and characters.

Sam Gerard (The Fugitive)

Samuel Gerard, an ideal movie name for kids.

Detective Samuel Gerard is an expert in capturing escapees trying to hide from the law. It’s a job that he does really well, but something changes when he crosses Richard Kimble, who continually escapes from him and maintains all the time that he’s innocent.

Sam Witwicky (Transformers)
Baby names, boy names, today its Samuel’s turn. Sam Witwicky is a smart adolescent who convinces his dad to buy him a Camaro to conquer Mikaela’s love. What he doesn’t know is that the car is an undercover transformer and that an epic space war is about to happen.

Sam (Casablanca)
Sam, play it again Sam, probably one of the most famous movie names. Probably the most famous movie Sam, even though the scenes where he appears are short. The thing is, that the pianist encloses the key to one of the best told love stories ever, a once-in-a-lifetime song played on Ilsa’s cue: “Play it again, Sam”.

We’re sure you’ll spend the rest of the day humming “As time goes by”. We hope you don’t hate us much for it. Meanwhile, we’re going to prepare the next article in our series of movie names. Check out some of our previous posts:

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All characters named in this article are fictional creations from the world of film, and their © belongs to one or various authors and their rightful producers. This article is written merely for entertainment purposes and always being respectful to the copyright holders.
Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon) – © Warner Bros Pictures 
Sam Wheat (Ghost) -© Paramount Pictures
Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Casino) – © Universal Pictures
Sam Gerard (The Fugitive) – © Warner Bros Pictures
Sam Witwicky (Transformers) – © Paramount Pictures
Sam (Casablanca) – © Warner Bros Pictures

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