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27 Aug
27 August, 2013

If you are looking for beatiful girls names ideas to name your daughter, you’ve come to the right place. The world’s most original blog about babies and children names. With our movie names we will inspire you with lots of fresh ideas, get ready for a trip to the cinema to discover great women called Diana.

Because we know searching baby names is a tough task that must be done carefully to finding the perfect girl name. Today we present the name of Diana or Diane to inspire you

Diana Christensen (Network)
journalist girl name diana, a name with powerThe power of television and information is very strong. In this environment we find Diana Christensen, one journalist surrounded by men who have to fight  very hard to stay on the power game.

Diana (V)
Diana the sexiest alien television, popularized the name DianaDiana marked a before and after in the television series. She is one of the leader’s alien that wanted to turn the land into a farm for food (humans). She captivated everyone by her beauty and subtle way to eat a mice. Recently we could see a remake of this series.

Diana (Knowing)
Diana is a girl name nice short, from the Greek goddess DianaIn a time capsule one school class saved several objects 50 years ago, but when this capsule is unearthed, one of the notes inside contained précises predictions about the world are coming true. Diana helps a teacher to try to solve the mystery.

Princess Diana (Diana)
Diana, an ideal name for princesses One of the world’s most famous princesses Diana, also known as Lady Di, spent his last 2 years of life keeping a secret relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan.

Diana Murphy (Indecent Proposal)
the beautiful diana murphy you will face a very important moral dilemma David and Diana Murphy are a couple with money problems. So they travel to Vegas to try to get recover their luck, there, a billionaire named David propose them $ 1 million for a night with the married woman. A proposal that will change the rules of the game.

Diana Reddin (Junior)
if you're looking for beautiful and original names please girl shuffling targetDr. Diana Reddin is a specialist in egg fertilization, which falls in love with a doctor who hides a dark secret: Alex has been pregnant with a drug of his own invention.

Diana Croce (El juego del amor)
Blonde or brunette diana is a name that always feels good to girlsThere is a village where everybody falls in love under the watchful eye of a local writer. Our Diana could not be different from his neighbours, so she decided to live the game of love.

We hope you enjoyed the movie trip to discover a beautiful name like Diana.
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All the characters named in this article are fictional characters based in the cinema, whose © belongs to one or several authors and their corresponding production companies. This article is written in an informative way respecting all the author rights:
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Diana (V) – © NBC. Warner Bros Television
Diana (Knowing) – © Summit Entertainment / Escape Artists
Princess Diana (Diana) – © GB-USA-Francia; Ecosse Films / Le Pacte / Scope Pictures
Diana Murphy (Indecent Proposal) – © Paramount Pictures
Diana Reddin (Junior) – © Universal Pictures / Northern Lights Productions
Diana Croce (Feast of Love) – © Lakeshore Entertainment / MGM

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