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13 Jun
13 June, 2013

At the Kingdom, we are always thinking about dads and moms who are looking at beautiful and original girl names for their future babies; so we have visited the film library to prepare our article on the beautiful girl’s name Sophie.
Today we bring seven amazing Sophies, the kind that leave you with an open mouth full of popcorn at the movies. So hold on tight for an inspiring journey where we show you the best girls characters at the cinema.

Sophie (The illusionist)
nombres de niñas bonitos sofía como la protagonista de la película el ilusionistaSophie is engaged to a strict and skeptical prince in Vienna in the late nineteenth century, but suddenly appears the mysterious magician Eisenheim that will bring hope to her life in a frantic adventure against time.

Sofía Serrano (Open your eyes/vanilla Sky)
Elige sofía entre los nombres más bonitos de niñasSofia is a mysterious girl who works studied mime and drama, an evening she meets Caesar and love comes out, but an ex girlfriend, corroded by jealousy give a twist to the story. We can not tell you much more about this character, in order not to spoil you the ending of the story.

Sophie Fisher (Music and Lyrics)
sophie fischer es un nombre tierno de niña que no olvidarás gracias a esta películaSophie Fischer, is a modern girl. She has broke a relationship recently losing all interest in having fun at this time, but his friend Alex, a former pop singer of the 80′s in complete decay, asks her for help to write a song that will be a hit.

Sophie Neveu (The Da Vinci Code)
nombres originales y poco usados de niñas sophie sofíaSophie is a versatile girl name, able to define many amazing characters in films such as Sophie Neveu, a specialist in cryptography and challenging puzzle lover, who works for the Parisian police. After the death of her grandfather, events begin to unravel at full speed, and she discovers with surprise that she is a direct descendant of the Merovingians.

Sophie scholl (Sophie Scholl: Die letzten Tage)
sophie es un nombre para chicas luchadorasIn Germany in 1943 when Hitler sweeps Europe in all directions, a group of college students founded the White Rose, a group of passive resistance, with only one woman in their ranks: Sophie Scholl.

Sofía (The Color Purple)
sofía es un nombre ideal para este personaje de cine que lucha por sus derechos,Are the 30′s, and the world suffers bondage, pain and humiliation. In this era where white rules over black, we find Sofia, a very strong woman, with a personality so overwhelming that even after being hit, se manages to keep his ideals above dignity.

Sophie (Mamma mia)
sofía o sophie es un nombre ideal para ponérselo a una niñaSophie is a young girl living in a small quiet greek island with her mother, a woman of character which refuses to reveal the true identity of his father. Following the rhythm of Abba, Sophie investigates 3 candidates to know their father.

We hope you enjoyed the trip discovering new girl names through movies. And remember to share this article if you know any Sofia!

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All the characters named in this article are fictional characters based in the cinema, whose © belongs to one or several authors and their corresponding production companies.
This article is written in an informative way respecting all the author rights.

Sophie (The illusionist) – © Yari Film Group / Bob Yari Productions / Contagious Entertainment / Michael London Productions / Stillking Films
Sophie (Mamma mia) – © Coproducción GB-USA-Alemania; Universal Pictures / Littlestar Productions / Playtone
Sophie Fisher (Music and Lyrics) – © Warner Bros. Pictures / Castle Rock Entertainment / Village Roadshow Pictures / Flower Hills
Sophie Neveu (The Da Vinci Code) – © Columbia Pictures / Imagine Entertainment
Sophie scholl (Sophie Scholl: Die letzten Tage) – © Broth Film / Goldkind Filmproduktion
Sofía Serrano (Open your eyes/Vanilla Sky )
Open your eyes © Las producciónes del Escorpión S.L. / Sogetel / Les Films Alain Sarde / Lucky Red
Vanilla Sky © Paramount Pictures / Cruise / Wagner / Vinyl Films
Sofía – The Color Purple - © Warner Bros. / Amblin Entertainment

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