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09 May
9 May, 2013

We know that in this precise moment, there are many parents like you looking for a nice and original name for your daughter, which is why at the Kingdom we’ve prepared another article with original girl names inspired by the movies. And today we take a look at Virginia, a name originated from latin which comes from Virgo. Today we bring you 6 movie Virginias and it’s up to you to decide if it’s the girl name you were looking for.

We hope that this article will be a bit of inspiration based on the silver screen and the movies it shows. And first of all, we hope you have an enjoyable read.

Virginia ‘Gin’ Baker (Entrapment)
Nice and original names for a girlWith Virginia Gin Baker, we have the best example of a girl name that ends up becoming an independent woman, her own boss (like all art thieves, right?). Though in this case, she will have to partner with an experienced veteran and train really hard to get their prize.

Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts (Iron Man)
Nice and original girl nameVirginia “Pepper” Potts starts out as Stark’s (Iron Man) secretary, but ends up becoming much more than that. Just as the saying goes: “behind every great man, stands a great woman”. She’s in love with him, and she’s an incredibly efficient and hard worker, so she ends up as general director of Stark Industries.

Virginia (The Bucket List)
Virginia is an interesting choice for a girl’s name.In this case, Virginia is a secondary character, but not less important for that matter. We’re here to see some examples of this original girls name and analyze the personality of its wearer. Our Virginia is the moral support of a terminally ill cancer patient.

Virginia Hill (Bugsy)
Nice girl names, Virginia.We travel to New York, to the period when gangsters ran free, and where our Virginia is Bugsy’s lover, and incredible and temperamental woman surrounded by power, treason and business.

Virginia (Virginia)
If you’re looking for original girl names, this is your blog post.
This Virginia has spent many years hiding her secret relationship with the sheriff, until he decides to run for senator and obliging her to improve her relationship with his son.

Virginia Woolf (The Hours)
Enjoy our original girl name articles based on movies.In the early 20’s, Virginia Woolf is writing her first great novel in an elegant London neighborhood. But she’ll have to fight hard against herself to get her project finished.

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All the characters named in this article are fictional characters based in the cinema, whose © belongs to one or several authors and their corresponding production companies.
This article is written in an informative way respecting all the author rights.

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Virginia Hill (Bugsy) – © TriStar Pictures presents a Mulholland Productions / Baltimore Pictures Production
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Virginia Woolf (The Hours) – © Paramount Pictures / Miramax

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