How to recycle cardboard into art

20 Jun
20 June, 2013

In our 101 activities to do with children’s Free PDF, we recommended you to recycle cardboard doing a city to play with children (activity 55). Cardboard is around us and we do not give too much importance, but this material is ideal for making crafts with children in a easy way

con el cartón podemos hacer muchas manualidades para niños como coches y motos, y otros vehículos espaciales con los que jugar Chris Gilmour handles Cardboard like clay, and by seeing his pieces of art, you certainly stick out thousands of craft ideas to do with your children, because this product is easy to get, very pliable and ideal for children to play with.
el cartón es fácil de recortar con tijeras y pegar con pegamento Recycling cardboard is child’s play, unless you decide to do a complete car cardboard. Only then, your patience will be at stake.
coche hecho de cartón para que los niños jueguen Cardboard came from wood pulp, is a useful material and you can find it in hundreds of ways in our daily lives. Some artists like Chris are able to see in this material, the ideal vehicle to create their works.
objetos cotidianos hechos de cartón reciclado Our second cardboard artist is Daniel Agdag, photographer and filmmaker, who performed last year, an exhibition called “Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make”
daniel hace decorados de cartón The cardboard models are so evocative and full of details, that create an intense cinematic atmosphere.
maquetas de cartón para jugar con mucho cuidado The examples that we have shown you are perhaps quite artistic, but they give you a powerful idea of the incredible possibilities offered by cardboard to create toys.
decorado de cine hecho de cartón

© Chris Gilmour – © Daniel Agdag

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