23 Oct
23 October, 2012

Onomatopoeias are words that imitate or recreate a specific sound or visual effect like “zigzag”. They’re very expressive words, which is why comics have always used them, due to their reduced size that communicates feelings, emotions and ideas wonderfully.

Boom, a fun and explosive polo shirt for babies and kids from The Kings of the House, a spark to ignite the little one’s rhythm. Not like the poor coyote, who never managed to get going. At The Kings of the House we have a very explosive polo shirt: Boom! Always charged with energy to keep up with the kings of the house. Not like poor Wile E. Coyote, who never managed to get going.

Coyote is getting a good dose of TNT ready for the roadrunner.

As we’ve already mentioned, onomatopoeias we’re almost exclusively used in comics until they jumped on to the big screen thanks to a TV show that revolutionised the medium: Batman and Robin.
Pow Robin onomatopoeias, like the fun black polo shirt for kids from the kings of the house.

The universe of onomatopoeias is so rich, that we can find it in almost any aspect of our day to day life.
There are many and fun articles available on the market that use onomatopoeias, but none like the Kings of the House’s boom polo shirt.
One of the most interesting onomatopoeias are animal sounds, like the one that our friend the sheep makes. Do you know how this onomatopoeia’s spelt out in other languages? We show you:

baa (english) – bee (spanish) -メェー mee (japanese) – bê (french) – mäh (german)
Cute sheep with different onomatopoeias depending on the country’s language.
And lastly, we leave you a very interesting link for you to hear the different sounds and so that you can have a great time with your little kings:



Onomatopoeias - Polo Shirt: The Kings of the House TNT © Warner Entertainment Company - Robin & Video Batman & Robin 1966 - Plasters & Headband (Janine Basil Etsy) - Wikipedia  - Sheep Photograph

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