How to choose an original baby gift XI

30 Apr
30 April, 2013

We’re back with originality as the main ingredient when it’s time for gift giving. At The Kings of the House we spend a lot of time thinking and designing fun and original clothes for babies, boys and girls, and today we bring you another chapter of our most original course. So that when you need to make a gift to a kid, you’ll be a winner in their eyes and no one will ever forget you, but the course is also valid if you need a gift for a lost guide, a clumsy professor or an Olympic athlete.

An original swimming pool can be the perfect gift for kids when it gets hot. And now that temperatures are starting to rise, nothing better than an original and fun swimming pool (though it’s obviously not for everybody’s pockets), which is why we advise you to build a skyscraper first to get the best views.

An original gift for DIY enthusiasts.We can even surprise with a gift as unexpected as nails, because in every home some woodwork is needed, we may as well play with Pacman for a while.

Bus stop made out of a school bus.And if we’re thinking of getting somebody a bus stop, we can go with the classic model or create an original work of art out of an authentic school bus. A great way to awaken creativity in kids early in the morning.
The most original gift for the boy scouts, a camping tent van.How about this original gift to surprise that mountain climber friend of yours? We’re pretty sure he doesn’t already have the trendiest tent, a caravan that doesn’t move. With he’ll be the envy of all the other campers.

Cloud shaped drain pipe decoration.And for those worried about that ugly drain pipe sticking out the side of the house, we have this beautiful decorative cloud to help brighten it up a little.

The most original and fun pijamas in the world for babies.To finish of today’s part of the course, we leave you the long awaited original gift for babies, pyjamas that will take the children very far in their dreams, without their parents having to worry about anything.

Whilst we continue to collect original gifts, here’s a list of the previous sections of this course:

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