Original christmas gifts for kids

04 Dec
4 December, 2012

During the last couple of months, we’ve been able to see the “wow factor” that The Kings of the House’s gifts has on parents and kids that receive them: mouths open, pupils dilate, lack of breath, infinite laughter and many symptoms more.

This Christmas surprise everybody with the most original pyjamas for babies in the world. The perfect gift to not stop photographing the kings of your house.
And almost by accident, our original gifts become the centre of attention, just like the person giving them. New family roles appear like “the cool brother in law”, “the awesome sister”, “the cool friend”…
The Harvest Bodysuit 2012, the most exquisite and elegant gift for anyone born this year. The perfect memory for the rest of his life.
All of a sudden, these new figures will rise to the top after giving the most original gift. And though our gifts are made for the kings of the house, they become a hit amongst the adults of the family who look one with tears in their eyes thinking: “I wish they had that in my size!”.

Choose a Christmas hat which combines happiness and warmth for any child.

So here’s the difference between getting someone a gift, and getting someone a truly original gift. If you need to make an original gift for kids this Christmas and be remembered for a long time, we recommend The Kings of the House.

If you’re looking for original pyjamas, hats, socks and many other gifts, make sure you check out the store.

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