Original Kids: Remi and Facebook

07 Feb
7 February, 2013

The truth is that social media is useful for many things, including asking daddy for a kitten. Facebook loves children with an entrepreneur spirit and also pets. That a child asks for a pet as a gift comes as no surprise, but if that child uses the power of social media to make the petition, the gift then becomes 100% original (and well deserved).

This is the case of Remi Urbano, a 7 year old boy that started his marketing ploy on the 5th of November 2012 with a little help from his mom. Whenever he asked his father for a kitten for him and his sister Evelyn, the answer was no again and again. But one day the answer from his father changed from “no” to “when you get a 1000 likes on Facebook”. When Remi saw that the old fashioned way didn’t work, he decided to use a more original channel than the one he was using.
A good way to join kids and social media. What began as a written petition on a blackboard, ended up breaking all expectations after a couple of house, being shared more than 107.000 times and with more than 123.000 Likes; all thanks to a simple message:

“Hey Facebook, my sister and I really want a cat. Our papa says we can get one if we can get 1000 likes. Please like this picture. Thanks.”

The most original gift Remi could receive is this cat. After this challenge, the cat called Hairyette Pawturr arrived at home and now he rests placidly without being conscious of how a 7 year old used Facebook to mobilize thousands of people to enjoy their company.
Hairyette Pawturr, the original gift that Remi, a 7 year old boy asked his father for.

© Marisa Papile Urbano

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