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20 Dec
20 December, 2013

Christmas tales can give you a great gift: The names of the characters of the most famous stories that were born from the inspiration of great authors can become a wonderful guide to select original names for boys and girls.

A Christmas Carol is a Christmas story par excellence in which Charles Dickens expressed his vision of Christmas. One of the most widespread versions of this story is the one that Disney brought to the screen under the name of “A Christmas with Mickey” (1983)
This story in which Scrooge, the miserly old, is taken to be recognized in the past, the present and the future to reconsider their actions, we can find original names for a boy: Robert, the employee of Scrooge. Better known as Bob. Jacob, Marley as his last name, who is the old partner and friend of Scrooge. Tim, the young son of Bob Cratchit, who just waking up the good soul of Scrooge. Peter, another Bob Cratchit’s son.
Original names for a girl: Martha, Bob Cratchit’s wife. Caroline, the wife of one of the debtors of Scrooge.
The Nutcracker and the mouse King is another beautiful Christmas story by E.T.A. Hoffmann. The tale was Piotr Tchaikovsky’s inspiration to create music under the same name and that gave life in ballet Marius Petipa.
The story relates how the world of toys at Christmas is and how the Nutcracker leads the battle against an army of mice. The original names for girlare: Maria, who is the main character, a girl of seven years old that accompanies all the toys in his adventures in his reverie. Clara, is the name of one of Maria dolls in the original novel by Hoffman; However in the libretto for the ballet appears the name of Clara as the one of the girl.
The little match girl or the vendor of matches, with the characteristic mode of representing reality to the children, Hans Christian Andersen tells the sad story of a little girl who sells matches and that at the end of his single matches box, turn them all to be heat in the frost and lonely Christmas night. After the last match she is carried to heaven with her grandmother for never passing neither hunger nor cold, nor fear. There are those who have done the translation of this Danish tale as: Anita Christmas Eve, what this story we can tell you that the original name for a girl is Ana, which also has as meaning that is compassionate and helper. Andersen really wanted to convey children about the importance of compassion and kindness.
Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg has been also made into a film recently to give life to the story of a boy of eight years on Christmas Eve when he is about to stop believing in the magic of Christmas, at this point he is taken with other children on a train that will bring them to the North Pole where he will live incredible adventures. The child hero will find the sound of Christmas and its meaning. In 2004 this story was made into a film by director Robert Zemeckis.
The original name for a boy we rescued in this tale is: William,used one of their abbreviations for the character named Billy. This child, in the history is a very shy boy who manages to learn that the best gift at Christmas is the friendship.
The original name for a girl in this story is: Sara, who is the sister of the child hero, main character of the story.

We hope that this list of ideas based on the beautiful Christmas stories you have been useful to choose the most original name for your son or daughter.

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