Princesses come to life thanks to Annie Leibovitz (Part II)

05 Feb
5 February, 2013

Girls and boys dream about princes and princesses and the international artist Annie Leibovitz is probably one of the few grown ups who can capture what the little ones feel and pass that magic on to other adults. We celebrate her latest image of princess Rapunzel, by bring you the second part of this article full of magic…

In case you don’t recognize the beautiful Rapunzel sat at the window of the tower with her long hair blowing in the wind, we’ll tell you who it is: young (23 years old) and famous Taylor Swift with plenty of Grammys in her bag…

Even ghosts bring us fun memories of kidsIn today’s post, we’re not only going to bring you princes and princesses, but also the funnest ghosts direct from the haunted mansion. They are Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as Phineas, Ezra y Gus.

Jessica Biel gives life to Pocahontas, a princess that runs in the field with a deer behind her.Did anyone recognise Pocahontas running through the forest? We’re sure you also guessed that it’s Jessica Biel who plays the Native American princess.

Captain Hook, enemy of Peter Pan fighting against the Crocodile.The fight between Captain Hook and the crocodile takes us straight to the heart of adventure, played by Russell Brand. But don’t fret, whilst Annie wasn’t shooting, he got to rest on a wooden plank.

Alice spins her tea cup in Wonderland.We couldn’t forget about Alice in Wonderland and it’s amazing characters, like the Mad Hatter, played by Beyonce, Oliver Platt and Lyle Lovett.
Pirates are always keeping an eye on the horizon, like kids looking out for adventures as is the case of Jack Sparrow riding the sails.And out to sea we go (well, to London actually where the pictures were taken) by the hand of captain Sparrow and his shipmate, played by Johnny Depp and Patti Smith.
Every child dreams of pulling out a sword from the stone like king Arthur did. In this case, tennis player Federer makes his dream come true. We end today’s article with a king and a prince, first king Arthur played by Roger Federer in the exact moment he pulls the sword from the stone.

Prince Phillip on top of his horse holding his shield whilst the dragon breathes fire.And equally valiant, prince Phillip fighting a fire breathing dragon, played by David Beckham.

Making Of Annie Leibovitz taking the pictures.Taking the pictures that illustrate most of the kids’ dreams couldn’t be boring.

Makeup and photographs so that the grown ups become kids for a day.And if you want more princesses don’t miss the first part of this article or enjoy the greatest rebel tights of the kingdom: an unforgettable original gift for girls.
Princess tights, the most original gift for girls.


© Disney y Annie Leibovitz
Images courtesy of Disneyparks & Insidethemagic

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