Recycling cardboard tubes as toys, decorations or art

06 Nov
6 November, 2012

At The Kings of the House, we’re always coming up with creative ideas for you to do with your kids. Today’s suggestion requires that you get down and dirty, bring out all of your originality and bring life to cardboard tubes.

If you’re wondering about the reason of this article, we’ll give you a clue: at The Kings of the House we’re very concerned about the protection of the environment. Our vinyl sticker come packaged in this type of tube to travel safely from the Kingdom to your doorstep, which is why we have compiled a few ideas of things you can do with them (enjoy quality time with your family) once you’ve received them.
Here are a few arts and crafts ideas to recycle your cardboard tubes.
Building Toys
Toys made out of cardboard tubes. Ideas to recycle the packaging of The Kings of the House’s vinyl hangers Thanks to our imagination and the one our kids, cardboard tubes will become monsters, sweet animals or horrible creatures, cars, space ships and lots more.
More ideas like monsters and rockets made of cardboard tubes. Arts and crafts to do with kids. Grab a Stanley knife to cut the tube to the desired size and use paint or a collage to decorate it.
Decoration Ideas
Lots of decorative objects for the home, office or any other place made out of recycled cardboard tubes. Cardboard has the advantage of being easily cut, and also posses a very acceptable resistance for almost any kind of job. That’s why the creative possibilities of this material are almost endless. You can make lamps, umbrella stands, desktop organizers…
Interior decoration project done with recycled cardboard tubes. If you receive a vinyl hanger from The Kings of the House, we encourage you to do something original with its packaging. And if you have many cardboard tubes, you may decide to decorate a store, a museum, or even do a little bit of architecture.
Architecture project done thanks to recycled cardboard tubes, by students in Sidney. Art with cardboard
Art doe with recycled cardboard. Use toilet roll tubes. It seems incredible, but the world of art has also found inspiration in cardboard tubes. Like French artist Anastassia Elias, who has managed to surprise the world with her amazing creations using one of the most popular materials in homes all over the world.
Art wastes nothing. Especially not cardboard tubes used to ship all sorts of things around the world, like The Kings of the House’s vinyl hangers.
Art done with recycled cardboard, a brilliant idea that helps the environment and supported by thekingsofthehouse It doesn’t matter what project you decide to do to recycle your cardboard tubes, be it the packaging of our vinyl hangers or from any other product, we’re sure the end result will be awesome.
Because not only does it entertain and encourage creativity in your little ones, it also shows them the importance of recycling. The planet will thank you with another amazing day ahead of you. Enjoy it!



Monsters – © Alisa Burke
Rocket – © Kireei
Lamp – © Luv design
Photo Frame - © Photojojo
Tube Chair – Unknown
Temporary Exhibit – Inhabitat Pavilion
House Wall – Unknown
Shop © Francesca Signori
Art © Anastassia Elias

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