Grandma remedies for baby’s colic

11 Sep
11 September, 2013

If there was a manual for parenthood certainly it will be written by a granny. Grandmas have the experience and knowledge to answer all the questions facing any situation. So you have arrived o the right blog in which you’ll find the most original and safety remedies for nursing.

On this occasion we are giving you some tricks and tips relieve colic, those which make babies suffer so much and their parents too. Hope you find useful this advices and you’ll be back soon to know more about our remedies.

tres bebés con audífonos para usar música para quitar el cólico
Original relaxation tips.
Most of the times what babies need to relieve their colic pain is to be relax and a way to make it is by:
a) Use soft music, on the internet you can find lots of special music for babies.
b) Lift your baby face down and take a walk with him by lulling him to sleep.
c) Put him on his car chair and take him to a brief trip, you will see how wonderful movement is for keeping your baby calm.
d) Give him a warm bath; you can massage him by using the water as oil. We suggest 20 o 30 minutes long. You can also put lettuce leaves for a most powerful relaxation.Manos de mamá dando un baño relajante al bebé
Massage your baby
Giving your baby a belly massage will help him to feel relaxed and calmed. Remember that it is very important for the baby to feel physical contact with the ones that nurse him and this will gave them a peaceful mood.
Check these options for different ways of massaging:
a) By using a few drops of olive oil you can massage the belly just below the baby’s ribs. We recommend doing it by massaging his abdomen with your fingertips in a circular, clockwise motion.
b) Put your baby face up on a warm blanket and gently bend his knees to his chest then extend them, always on a rhythmic way.
c) If he prefers to be face down just let him rest on his knees so you can give him massage by making a gentle pressure on his back ina circular clockwise motion, on a rhythmic way.
d) Lay him on a warm, soft and plain surface so you can make the baby roll over his left and right side. This will lull him to sleep.bebé dormido y taza de té en primer plano
Warm tea
Warm beverages also are great for relaxing baby’s stomach. You can use chamomile, anise or mint on very small portions to make the infusion because it is important that it has to be soft for the baby. When the tea is warm enough you can put it on a bottle and give it to your baby.
If he starts crying again stop because colic can be produced by the bottle.close up a carita de bebé tomando leche de biberónCheck the baby’s bottle
One of the most common causes of colic is because the baby swallows air at the same time that he is suckling the milk. We recommend that you make sure that the teat’s hole is neither so stretch nor so wide. You can check this by bending the teat against your palm and if you see milk or liquid coming out by dropping you will have the right opening.
There are special bottles which are certified and non-colic proof.

Now you have plenty of different options to keep your baby calm but you must be aware of having your baby doctor’s advice and diagnostic.

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