The 7 best handmade ideas to play with kids

22 Jan
22 January, 2013

handmade toys for kids Sooner or later comes the time when our little ones need new activities in their games to help stimulate them, which is why today we bring you 7 incredible toy ideas (in the broadest sense of the word) that we have found on the internet with 2 common factors: they’re original and they’re made with common household items.

On the cover image of this article, we have the first idea to play with a Spiderman style cob web, easily made with sticky tape. As you can see, we’ve decided to illustrate each game with an image that perfectly represents what the little ones imagine when they plat, like our second example: they don’t see that piece of wool that’s been sitting in the sewing box for ages, they see real laser beams to avoid if you don’t want to end up disintegrated.
Handmade ideas for your kids to play and play for hours. The most important thing is that the toys and games help girls and boys to imagine millions of different and fun universes.
Toy plane made by hand. Do crafts that help your kids to have fun learning. Whilst we only see a plane made out of clothes pegs and recycled wooden sticks, they are in charge of an amazing red airplane that soars through the skies.
An original princesses’ castle made with cardboard and lots of imagination, so the girls can be a real princess. Do you want your daughter to feel like a real princess? No worries. Reuse the cardboard from the kitchen appliance you purchased a few days back and get to work. Get them to help you with the cutting, painting and designing of future bedrooms…
Jetpack, rockets tied to the back to set their imagination flying like a true superhero. Back to the world of superheroes… look at this wonderful rocket powered jetpack! With it they can truly set their imagination free without ever leaving your sight.
Toys easily made of cardboard boxes and lots of imagination. Easy crafts to do with kids. Do you miss having a pet at home? Don’t worry; using cardboard boxes you can build a really clean one.
To play with cars, the best thing is to build our own roads at home. Totally safe and fun for the kids. The best way to get to know the city and traffic signs is by creating their own. With this easy solution, we can paint cardboard with endless possibilities. This way you’ll have nice and safe roads (and lots of fun!).

From the Kingdom we assure you that these 7 wonderful toys will give you hours of fun, and most importantly, will allow you to play with your kids. If you need more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.



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