The coolest nurseries on the planet: Tel-Aviv

11 Jun
11 June, 2013

We continue our Blog section: the world’s coolest nurseries, bringing you the most innovative design as day care for infants and children relate. Today we are going to Israel to discover a simple design designed exclusively for children.

guardería cool y de diseño para niños The nursery is located in the neighborhood of Ramat-Hasharon, part of Tel-Aviv, Israel. The architecture takes us directly in mind the Bauhaus with its horizontal lines. The Building has been designed by architects Gargir Lillach Lev & Elan.
un espacio para que los niños y niñas jueguen y se desarrollenThe nursery interior design is the work of Shani-Hai. Artist and designer whose life and work changed with the birth of her daughter.
la diversión de los pequeños está aseguradaAccording to her “My work is motivated by the profound need to reformulate things”
una guardería original pensada para que los niños jueguen y aprendanThe interior is divided into four thematic classrooms: Nature, sea, transport and palaces. Each space is designed for a specific age, and thus stimulate creativity while the kids do their daily activities.
Un espacio luminoso lleno de luz natural donde los niños juegan“I Believe That the environment children grow up in is the soil on Which Their sensibilities develop, and That Should be Celebrated childhood!”
salas de juego y educación de la guarderíaThe outdoor area is divided into small spaces, fences and insurance, provided with the necessary facilities for pretend play, including a magic castle wood, litter boxes, wooden cars …
en el exterior los niños juegan tranquilos y segurosWell hope you enjoyed the trip, and do not worry too much if your nursery is not as cool as this one, what matters is the love that the kids get, imagination can supply everything else.

Designer Shani Hay

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