The Kings of the House’s typography

19 Feb
19 February, 2013

They say that a person’s writing is not only unique, but it also tells many things about their personality. We are certain of that, because when we decided to create our own typography for The Kings of the House, all the craftsmen of the Kingdom got together to create a type of letter that tells the story of who we are. A font that’s unique, fun and awesome.

And today, seeing how it’s a celebration, we want to share The Kings of the House’s typography with all of you. (You can download our font at the end of this article). You can use it to cheer up those boring PowerPoint presentations that your boss loves. Also, those invitations, Christmas cards and other crafts that you make with your little ones are ideal for using this font.

The Kings of the House’s Font is perfect for the cover of the family vacation album.The perfect free typography for recycling and business cards.Check out all the vowels and numbers of The Kings of the House’s typography.A perfect result, even when the letter are laser engraved.An ideal font for sealing documents.Black and yellow, an elegant combination for any occasion.On cement.All the letters.Comic strip type.Writing on leather.

As you can see, The Kings of the House’s typography is not only fun, it’s also an elegant font adapted for any kind of material or texture.

To use this typography in any program, download the file and install it to your computer. This is a really simple step: on a PC go to the Control Panel, and once there, go to the Fonts folder and drag the file to install. On a Mac, open the Fonts folder inside the Library and drag it inside. If you have any problems, you can find plenty of tutorials on the web, just search “how to install a font on a PC (or MAC)” in Google.




© The Kings of the House, non commercial, personal use only

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  • Yann

    is-it possible to buy this font for my website ?


    • thekingsofthehouse

      Sorry Yann
      But The Kings of the House’s typography it’s only for personal use, there is no possibility to buy. Check out, there you’ll find thousands fonts for commercial use…
      Thank you very much for loving our font, we appreciate. Best regards from the Kingdom

      • Brandon Boyle

        What about using it for a YouTube channel logo?

  • han

    Free web site with company logo available?

    • thekingsofthehouse

      Hi Han, we don’t understood your question very well… What do you mean?, Meanwhile we tell you that The Kings of the House’s typography it’s only for personal use, for example for print to your kids to make handcrafts, etc… Our typography it’s not for commercial use…
      Thank you very much for writting us, and don’t hesitate to return whenever you want Best regards from the Kingdom

  • han

    Thanks for getting in touch.
    There is one more question. We would like to use your character font of The Kings of the House. Main
    purpose of the use is only for this company’s website, CI, and written paper. If we do use your character
    in a noncommercial way, then would it be offered without cost?
    We anticipate your kind response,
    Best Regards

    ETOURTALK Co.,Ltd.

    • thekingsofthehouse

      Han, sorry for the Delay.
      Yes you can use our typography with a non commercial purpose.
      Enjoy it

© Copyright - The Kings of the House
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