The parent rap

29 Jan
29 January, 2013

All couples sooner or later end up asking themselves the same question: Are we good parents? And even though they may not be a right answer, nor even a scientific way of measuring it, they all carry on forward in the best possible manner. And at the Kingdom we realize that humour is one of the best recipes for life, especially when it comes to educating kids and not die trying.

As you can see, parents and their kids are quite a funny topic, especially when it’s the grownups that start rapping about their everyday life with their children (babies included) . If you’re hungry for more, here’s a well known advert for a car brand. Its fun protagonists also know how to put their troubles to music.

We hope you had fun with these music videos, and if you want something completely different, check out these other original pregnancy videos, or these others about kids that fall asleep to music.

We’re sure you’re going to love them!



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