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13 Dec
13 December, 2012

Today is the Worldwide premier of the Hobbit movie, prequel to The Lord of the Rings, so we want to take you on a tour of Hobbiton, the native town of Bilbo Baggins (Frodo’s uncle) and other characters from JRR Tolkien’s novel. A perfect trip for a family with kids.

Welcome to the movie sets of the lord of the rings and the hobbit The landscape is amazing and the colours of the little town of Matamata in New Zealand will win the heart of everyone.
Gandalf the wizard visits the shire whenever he can to rest amongst the green fields. Today’s journey will focus on this quaint and peaceful village where Gandalf likes to go from time to time.
The houses and the sensations remain intact. We’ve decided to mix frames from the movie with real photos from the sets that can be visited in Matamata.
Gandalf the grey visits the hobbit village A place amongst valleys that always welcomes you with arms open. Just like coming back home.
If you want to make an original trip with kids, New Zealand is a good option. The government of New Zealand has kept the place signposted and alive because the architecture blends in perfectly with the scenery.
Visit the place where the hobbits live, an original trip where imagination will do the rest.hobbit house When there is no filming going on, Hobbiton is also inhabited by small and peaceful beings that graze comfortably.
Sheep in hobbiton To celebrate the premier of the movie, Air New Zealand has decided to give their safety indications in a very different manner. We leave you with it should you decide to set of for Hobbiton.

Whilst we prepare our next original destination, we leave you with some other proposals from our special travel agency.

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Air New Zealand

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